Cannabis Infused Gummies Bliss THC


Cannabis Infused Gummies Bliss THC

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Cannabis Infused Gummies Bliss – Marijuana Edibles with high THC content infused in gummies.

Organic product Enhanced, Glossed over, Weed Implanted Chewy candies
Euphoria is based edibles organisation that spends significant time in making weed mixed, natural product seasoned sticky squares. Every one of their items are made with top caliber, top grade weed developed here in English Columbia, alongside normal natural product juices and natural pure sweetener. The water/air proof tin resealable tin ensures that your confections stay new and shields them from being crushed while you’re hefting them around.

Extraordinary for Sporting and Therapeutic Use
Euphoria is the ideal sticky consumable for both sporting and restorative clients. Sporting clients love Rapture for the smooth and smooth high it offers, while restorative clients love the exact and dependable measurements from each piece. These chewy candies are perfect for facilitating torment, uneasiness and stress, while placing the client in a cheerful and euphoric perspective.

Cannabis Infused Gummies Large variety of Fruity Flavours :

bliss green apple 250 1  Cannabis Infused Gummies bliss juicy grape 250 1bliss party mix 250 1Cannabis Infused Gummies bliss peach 250 1     bliss pineapple 250 1    Cannabis Infused Gummies bliss tropical assorted 250 1 Cannabis Infused Gummies bliss watermelon 250 1

  • Green Apple (250mg THC)
    Juicy Grape (250mg THC)
    Party Mix (250mg/375mg THC)
    Peach (250mg THC)
    Pineapple (250mg THC)
    Tropical Assorted (250mg/375mg THC)
    Watermelon (250mg THC)

Pick Different Flavours per your liking in 10 or 15 Pieces
These heavenly chewy candies come in two sizes – 10 pieces and 15 piece. The 10 piece has a complete THC of 250mg, while the 15 piece has an all out THC of 375mg.We conveys each of the eight of Rapture’s unique natural product flavors. Investigate what we offer beneath.

Measurements: For those new to edibles, we suggest you take a portion of a sticky and trust that the impacts will kick in prior to thinking about taking another portion.

Capacity: For greatest newness and life span, store in a cool, dry spot away from daylight.

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Green Apple (250mg THC), Juicy Grape (250mg THC), Party Mix (250mg/375mg THC), Peach (250mg THC), Pineapple (250mg THC), Tropical Assorted (250mg/375mg THC), Watermelon (250mg THC)


10 Packs (10 Pieces x 10)


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