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Ghost Train Haze

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Ghost Train Haze actually an immaculate strain – this specific sativa strain has whenever been named “The Most Potent Strain on Earth” by High Times Magazine in 2012. In spite of the fact that it will not cripple you or paste you to your lounge chair, GTR will make certain to go on you on the outing of a day to day existence time. Its hereditary qualities are gotten from Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck, two strains known for their higher than normal THC focus. Reproducing of two strains came about in a sativa bloom with recorded THC fixations as high as 27%! Phantom Train Haze is known for profoundly hallucinogenic and powerful high might cause pipedreams and a general great time. The smell of this wonderful sativa is known by its very citrus tones with notes of lemons and a sharp zing.

In the event that you are feeling creepy, Pair this strain with your number one blood and gore flick! Initially made by Rare Dankness, the Ghost Train Haze (GTH) is a sativa predominant half breed that was made by crossing Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG. A multi-grant bringing home strain holding championships, for example, first Place Sativa at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup, next in line victor for Best Medical Sativa in 2013 as well as successive victor of the yearly High Times Strongest Strains on Earth, the Ghost Train Haze is a genuine marijuana legend. With THC levels arriving at a normal of 27% strength, it isn’t for the timid! Its strong impacts well matched with sweet and lively citrus lemon and new pine flavors will undoubtedly provide you with a great time ready to go, chuckling and elation. Sounds captivating? Better jump on this train before it leaves the station!


Ghost Train Haze Effects

Fledgling clients and those inclined to uneasiness or suspicion might need to avoid this strain because of its intensely strong impacts. With lower portions, Ghost Train Haze conveys a honed feeling of concentration and energy, and attacks of chuckles matched with a foggy cerebral high as well as an euphoric inspire! Taken in more grounded portions, this high can prompt one of the strain’s most prominent and perceived highlights: hallucinogenic impacts! This euphoric head high is adjusted with an indica-like body stone that is unwinding and can be helpful to treat or free an assortment from clinical issues, including ongoing torments, joint pain, irritation or headaches.

The strain’s more quiet impacts can assist with easing side effects of ADD or ADHD, however its elevating nature can likewise give help from constant pressure and wretchedness. While lower dosages can be utilized in the daytime, more grounded portions are suggested for night or end of the week utilization.


THC Content

This sativa prevailing half and half with a proportion of 80% sativa to 20% indica. Its THC levels are the absolute most elevated to be found in the weed market, with a normal of a scaring 25% to 27% strength. Regardless of the greatness of these numbers, its solidarity is nothing unexpected when you think about its folks: Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck (at times spelled as Nevil’s Wreck).

The previous parent, Ghost OG, is an indica crossover with 70% indica to 30% sativa. It is the consequence of a cross between the unbelievable Afghan landrace and OG Kush strains, together making Ghost OG which midpoints 18% to 24% in THC levels. Neville’s Wreck, an incredibly uncommon strain, is a sativa half and half blending 80% sativa and 20% indica with a similarly solid and intense THC count of 25% overall. This strain was made by crossing Trainwreck and Neville’s Haze, the two of which are likewise perceived as powerhouses. White


Looks and Smell

The Ghost Train Haze pieces are thick and thick with an olive green tone. Its orange pistils are flimsy and long, yet copious, just like its gem trichomes, giving it a liberally cold coat. Its fragrances are dominatingly fiery citrus, woody pine and sweet, however there are likewise accents of hash flavors, flower spices and a grittiness.

While not impactful, its smell is serious areas of strength for very can undoubtedly occupy a room, in any event, while splitting down and pulling up the buds. Its fragrance emits the flavors, which are a scrumptious and prepared mix of lemons and pine, and conveys a smooth smoke!

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