Super Silver Haze


Super Silver Haze (AAAA)

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Super Silver Haze Weed Strain – A highly spicy herbs, and sour citrus, skunk round out the flavour and aromatic profiles

The smell is lively, citrusy, and somewhat sweet. With respect to the taste, it’s beginning and end one would anticipate from the namesake; tart and sweet like lemon heads treats – not exactly as sharp as one would anticipate. The impacts are interestingly vigorous and exuberant, may not be the best strain for any among us that are normally ended up close.

Its a perfect crossed with Aurora Borealis #5, Unique Cloudiness, and Skunk #1. Victor of the Great Times Weed Cup three years straight, Very Silver Dimness flaunts a noteworthy THC range between 18% to 23%, which can leave you with its famous experience for a really long time. Because of its strength, Very Silver Murkiness is famous with both sporting and restorative clients the same.

Appearance, Fragrance and Flavour
Super Silver Haze weed has fleecy, popcorn-formed chunks of radiant green. Dazzling orange pistils look through the thick cold covering of shimmering precious stone trichomes. The bud has a herbaceous and zesty flavor with notes of sharp harsh citrus. The aromatics expand on the flavour profile with impactful skunk.

AROMAS/FLAVOURS Citrus, Diesel, Spicy
EFFECTS Energy, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxation
MEDICAL USES Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Pain

This supply of Very Silver Murkiness smalls is an excellent bloom with astounding gassy nose. In spite of the fact that there are a few medium buds the general size of is little and as such we’ve set apart down this high grade bloom. For those of you who wouldn’t fret the more modest size buds these chilly little nugs will be an incredible buy!

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1 Ounce (28g), 2 Ounce (56g), 4 Ounce/QP (112g), Half Pound, 1 Pound


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