Tuna Kush Weed Strain


Tuna Kush Weed Strain likewise referred to just as Black Tuna

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Tuna Kush Weed Strain likewise referred to just as Black Tuna is infamous all through Canada for its opiate strength. Brought into the world from a cross of Herojuana and Lamb’s Bread strains and was named after the Miami-based Black Tuna Gang. It has a moderate Thc level of 15% on normal making it great for novices as well.

Its durable time and is vigorously calming prominently pursued strain for clinical clients as well as the trying and audacious.


Tuna Kush Weed Strain Effects

The Black Tuna Kush can settle up on clients inside the space of minutes subsequent to consuming, getting going as an exciting euphoric and inspiring high that can keep going for quite a long time. frequently alluded to or portrayed as opiate. It is strongly suggested for clients looking for help with discomfort, whether persistent or gentle, as well as alleviation from aggravation, spasms, migraines and sleep deprivation. It likewise can undoubtedly incite serious areas of strength for a, so you are in an ideal situation utilizing this strain towards the night or on an end of the prior week stirring things up around town. A few clients likewise report sensations of excitement and energy, however this might be brief as its soothing impacts can overwhelm you sooner than you know it; some even depict it causes you to enter a loopy state! It could be difficult to keep your eyes open as you will feel so loose, and due to this solid, narcotic nature.


Black Tuna Kush THC Content

Dark Tuna Kush is a reasonable half to half sativa/indica mixture. An offspring of Lamb’s Bread and Herojuana, its THC levels normal at 15%, however can fluctuate from 14% up to 20%. Its parent, Lamb’s Bread, is a close unadulterated sativa with 95% sativa to 5% indica, and THC levels of 16% to 21% in addition to 1% CBD by and large. Its other parent, Herojuana, is likewise a reasonable sativa/indica half breed however is considered indica inclining because of its belongings, with 12% to 16% THC and 1% CBN.


Looks and Aroma

The blossoms of Black Tuna Kush have a few unique shades of wise and woods green going from dull to light, with brazen orange-earthy coloured pistils. There are likewise shades of dull purple, for certain clusters having patches so dim that they can look practically dark. The buds are thickly stuffed and are long in shape, and covered with a tacky layer of trichomes. This strain has serious areas of strength for an and flavors that are very impactful and skunky, yet additionally natural and hearty with a sprinkle of zest. While it doesn’t have a fish smell or taste, it is now and then stuffed and fixed in fish jars, a tomfoolery gesture to its name-and maybe an imaginative approach to fixing its sharp fragrance! Request on the web

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