White Widow


THC 18% – 25%


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White widow This particular Hybrid Marijuana strains got its name from its thick cover of cold, precious stone white trichomes. Profoundly resinous sativa cross breed and is a pot legend that has been around since the 1990s.

Reproduced and made by Dutch cultivators, Green House Seeds, by crossing Brazilian and South Indian landraces. It has become a seriously overall fanbase in the a long time since its origin and keeps on being a cutting edge #1 for pot sweethearts all over.


White Widow Effects
Sativa mixture, it is empowering and cheery, offering clients a cerebral, mental high. It very well might be overpowering in huge portions however is generally somewhat perfect for daytime use by permitting a honed feeling of concentration, elevate and increase in energy that can assist you with kicking the three day weekend or tackle any errands.

Craftsmen and creatives might be propelled by this strain as it prompts expanded discernment and contemplative idea. Regularly suggested for mental alleviation.

The strain can assist with reducing side effects of pressure, sorrow, uneasiness, PTSD, bipolar confusion, weakness and ADD/ADHD. It likewise offers a gentle however still really loosening up body high, which can give help from cerebral pains, headaches and more gentle constant torments or hurts.

Shoppers says expands garrulousness and friendliness so it’s likewise an incredible strain to impart to companions and gatherings at parties!

THC Content
Sativa predominant half and half with a proportion of 60% sativa to 40% indica. Its THC content has been tried to average between 18% to 25% intensity, and furthermore presents around 1% CBD and 1% CBN.

Aroma & Appearance
Looks of the buds are fleecy and stout, which is more commonplace of sativa strains, and it has somewhat of a tapered shape with tipped closes. It is basically a medium, spring green with minuscule orange pistils. Its gem trichomes are plentiful, giving it a cold and frigid white covered finish which motivated its name.

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